All parents would love to see their baby enjoying the water and later to swim inside with confidence.


Here are some advice about baby swimming:


  • Why is it good for a baby to swim?


As all of the age groups has its thematics, swimming can be started anytime. There is no fear or stress in water. The baby will learn the breath technics. Conscious diving, socialization, physical and mental development can be achieved. Development of coordination of motions, fine motor skills and concentration. Baby swimming strengthens the muscles and the helping a better sleeping period.


  • When is it the best to start?


From the age of 3 months, it is possible to start the baby swimming as the baby gets all of the essential vaccinations and the immune system gets ready to protect the baby. From 6-8 months babies know how to breathe or not to breath underwater. They close their mouth and blowing the air out of their nose avoiding the water to get into their airways; diving during baby swimming helps the baby to keep it in their mind after one year practice.


  • Effects of diver reflex:


As babies blowing the air out of their nose underwater, they will use this reflex when they are ill, and they will bow their nose far more regularly, avoiding the growth of more bacteria. Their lung-capacity will be better and their brain will get more oxygen.

  • How to start baby swimming?


Let the baby get used to going underwater at home when we wash them in the evening. Put the swimming cap on the baby’s head and lower the water temperature time to time to 30 C.


  • Should we register before?


Yes, please register at the reception desk or dial 06 1 878-1302, or text us to But it is the best to register in our webpage:


  • What to bring with us?


Please bring swimming dress, swimming cap, flip-flops, 3 layer special baby swimming dress, and swimming diapers what you can buy even at the reception. We provide towels and baby changing room.


  • Who is in the water?


The baby and one of the parents, and then altogether when the baby swimming session is finished. If you bring two babies then one parent will be in the water with one of the babies


  • What do we learn and when?


As the are thematics in all age groups baby swimming can be continued or started at all times to get the essential knowledge.



  • How often shall we bring the baby to swim?


At least once a week, but it is the best to bring 2 times. As you purchase a pass, we can give you a discounted price.



Author: Bartha Katalin

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  • Luce Trump says:

    What are the best age to enroll your child into swimming?. My baby is 2 months old and we are planning to enroll him into swimming school.

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