Career at Go/Active

The one of a kind Gozsdu Court opened its 2000 square meters gym and wellness complex in 2008 which provides everything you can possibly think of. Our mission didn’t change since then: we are doing our best to introduce and maintain the healthy lifestyle to our members and change their life forever. This is not just a playground with weights and pools. This is a sacred place, where we believe, that with healthy eating, regular exercise, balancing the mind and the body we give real value and quality time spent to our members. We don’t want to sell memberships, our aim is to show an exceptional way of life to the world.

If you share the values above mentioned, if you are passionate about health and fitness, and would love to work to achieve those goals, if you’re proactive, enthusiastic and ready for action, we would like to hear from you.




The bald, the one with big mouth, the problematic, the prince on a white horse, the one wearing reverseable fleece, the one with crying babies, the one who always laughs… Do you like all kind of people? Are you dedicated? Are you the sporty ambassador of peace, love and rock and roll? Are you the energetic one in the group with high class work-ethic, with the ability to multitask and the one who is always punctual? In case your kind nature is as fundamental to you as it is for us to respect you morally and financially this might be the perfect role for you. Work with us and we will teach you everything you need to be a successful member of our rockstar team.



You think, that the satisfaction of members is the basic standard and their loyalty is the trade mark itself? Instead of coming up with excuses you have solution for everything? Instead of blood, networking and socialising runs in your veins? While we argue whether the glass is half full or half empty, you already sold it? If you could do the same with offering a better quality lifestyle, don’t hesitate, A.P.P.L.Y.



Do you believe in the power of burpees, that the only weight what matters is the kettlebell you squat with, and that the only love hate relationship one can have is with a trainer?  Either you’re a fat-killer, a hulk, a functional circuit or HIIT lover, a dancer, a crossfitter… In case you have great music and rocking personality and you show an exceptional group class session which the world had never seen, A.P.P.L.Y. to be our next personal trainer/fitness instructor (even  both)!