Sweaty situations at the office, you’re working on impossible missions to crazy deadlines. You’re solving tasks way above your energy levels and over your endruance, but in the end it leads you to compelling achievements. The group spirit and the adrenaline at work motivates you, to have an outstanding performance.

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Why don’t you bring this energy to the gym? You can participate in our group classes, wellness programs, or you can just blow off the steam at the gym. Win win situation. Fitter, healthier, more toned, happier team. Bond and sweat with your colleagues, make friends and know your teammates better, form a unit in the gym and outside.


Greater the goal, the more important the team is. You know what they say, good bosses don’t just tell you what to do, they lead.  So let’s lead your colleagues/employees to achieve better quality of life. We recommend our memberships as part of a company benefit sytem or simply as a team building activity.

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Our club is offering a wide range of group classes and gym, so your collegues won’t have high blood pressure just because of those impossible tasks their clients give them. Moreover, if they just want to get rid of the daily stress, the spa is right there for them. They can fizz all the tension away in our jacuzzi. If you aren’t only use the catchphrase that‚ we are like family‘ but it’s actually true, come and tighthen those work-relationships even more!


The most lively location possible. Downtown, Gozsdu courtyard.

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Katonai kiképzés edzés


There are two ways to start a business membership.
In a gallant manner, within the framework of in-kind benefits, the company provides membership to the employees.
Or alternatively, a certain minimum number of the company members joins the club and pays the membership fee individually, enjoying the quantitative benefits.
So let your company be small or big, complicated or simple. We find the most flexible offer and schedules for everyone on a monthly, quarterly or longer term basis. We are not afraid of man-trying administration nor hair-raising demands!


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