Multiple workstations, working through them in given time and resting time. During this class you will see elements of Crossfit and Tabata. This ruthless workout will test your body, your attitude and your determination. Line Up! Only for the toughest ones.

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Dirty birds

Step out of your comfortzone and outdo yourself every time you step in to the GYM early morning! The music is composed specially for the class, so the power of the bass is going to help you trough every step. This ultra-hard class of alternating the use of bodyweight exercises and tools is going to improve your overall condition, tone your body and melt the fat from every unwanted place.


Full body resistance training. We use our own bodyweight as resistance, the intensity is given by the closed angle of the body with the ground and the stability. This allows you to perform hundreds of exercises. TRX is the perfect tool to strengthen your entire body and increase your endurance anywhere, anytime, at any fitness level. One of the basic tools of functional training is that it allows you to train muscle chains. In addition to TRX, other CORE muscle strengthening tasks are inserted into the workouts.