Street Workout

Pullup, pushup, dips, static hold… like Cliffhanger. The Street Workout fuses basic bodyweight excercises with diverse freestyle elements. You can reach THE ultimate fitness, it strenghtens your joints and ligaments too, so if you’ll ever find yourself hanging from a cliff, you won’t have any reason to panic.


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Working out using you own bodyweight, performing exercises suitable for EVERYONE, working with multiple muscle groups during one excercise? Check.  The intensity is changeable/adjustable for every excercise, considering your fitness level. TRX develops numerous areas: your coordination and are going to be better, your muscles overall are going to get stronger, your posture and flexibility will imporve as well.


Multiple workstations, working through them in given time and resting time. During this class you will see elements of Crossfit, Tabata and some unique moves from Balázs’s exercise library. This workout will test your body, your attitude and determination.. and your lungs. Line Up! Only for the toughest ones.

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Pure Power

The class follows the newest scientific researches, provides improvement in efficiency as well as in technique. Throughout this session you will be working with your own bodyweight and with equipment too. The practiced transition movements will help you to move perfectly and without injuries in your daily life.