Multiple workstations, working through them in given time and resting time. During this class you will see elements of Crossfit and Tabata. This ruthless workout will test your body, your attitude and your determination. Line Up! Only for the toughest ones.

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Dirty birds

Step out of your comfortzone and outdo yourself every time you step in to the GYM early morning! The music is composed specially for the class, so the power of the bass is going to help you trough every step. This ultra-hard class of alternating the use of bodyweight exercises and tools is going to improve your overall condition, tone your body and melt the fat from every unwanted place.


You’re having trust issues because of the trainers, who always say that „don’t worry, this is the last round!“? Well, we are sorry… The TERMINATOR is a fast paced, tough class with the use of all kinds of toruture tools and various exercises, making your whole body work (suffer ☺ ). It increases your heart rate, improves your circulation and last but not least it burns fat. (a lot) With the intense cardio and strenghtening exercises stress relief is guaranteed. You are tired. We believe you, and we believe in you, so you can just carry on.

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