Not for the faint hearted

HIIT / X-treme HIIT

If you got out of the bed thinking today is the day to challenge your body and stamina, then this is the class for you. High Intesity Interval Training is an amazingly effective way of training. After a thorough warm up short and intensive bursts of energy are followed by also short recovery periods. Let’s not forget about the „afterburn” effect.

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If you would like to reach your fitness-dreams, but they seem to be far-far away, we have a solution for you! Hop on one of our bikes and ride it until that iconic black and white flag with the instructions of the trainer and the help of the beat. Besides muscle-work, breathing and synced movement, the rythm also plays a big part of the class. Even if your knee starts aching while you’re reading this description, cool it, don’t worry! This class goes light on the joints, ligaments, moreover strenghtens them!


Just because you keep Madonna’s advice on using the stairs instead of elevators, those extra kilos won’t come off. SHAPE is one of our most effective class when it comes to body-shaping and fat-burning. If you attend the class regurarly, that toned body isn’t going to be a faraway dream. Simple, yet effective exercises, dumbbells, rubber bands and steps – just to summarise it in few words.