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Kick box edzés

Kick box

Want to blow some steam off? You’re looking at the right class! What could be better than an hour of kicking and punching? Kick box increases your endurance, develops your speed, reaction time and dynamic motion. You’re going to find yourself doing strenght training, cardio and stretching. And no, you won’t stop for a minute – not like you’d dare to…

Strong fit

You’re having trust issues because of the trainers, who always say that „don’t worry, this is the last round!“? Well, we are sorry… The Strong fit is a fast paced, tough class with the usage of all kinds of toruture tools and various exercises, making your whole body work (suffer ☺ ). It increases your heart rate, improves your circulation and last but not least it burns fat. (a lot) With the intense cardio and strenghtening exercises stress relief guaranteed. If you don’t believe it, try it!

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Hot iron edzés

HOT Iron

Weights, bodyweight exercises to music? Check.
Hot Iron is a sport science based class. By using a specially designed weight set you can train your body, your mind and experiment how far you can push yourself without giving in.

Cross Training

This workout is the most advanced exercise of IRON SYSTEM® after Hot Iron I-II to achieve maximum fat loss and tight, muscular form. With less repetitions, doing the exercises for a period of time (30 seconds) in 3 rounds. Exercises already learned during Hot Iron classes, such as squat, eruptions, lifting, and paddling … are combined with more energizing, metabolic spinning exercises, like plank variations, pliometric exercises, jumps and more complex self-weighted exercises. If you love challenges, weight lifting and interval training and you pushing your limits, here’s your place!

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