Oooooommm… Do you feel challenged by difficult situations in your life? Do you find it hard to survive a simple Monday without knocking someone out? Our survival tip is to start practising yoga. Yoga helps the free flow of your energy and also will show you abilities you didn’t know existed. The extra is that it’s cheaper than therapy.

Jóga VII. kerületi lokációval
Aerial jóga

Ariel Yoga

As we all know yoga with its spirituality helps us to stay grounded yet we love to turn things upside down. Buckle up, hold the hammock and get ready to experience the new dimension of yoga.

Yoga Fusion

If you think you are tough because you lift, surely you haven’t tried our Yoga Fusion class. Our instructor mixes animal movements, functional training in the dynamic yoga based workout. If you would like to move around feeling free, if you would like to work on your mobility and coordination, come and feel the good type of soreness the next day – even in your toes.

Jóga belváros
Pilates belvárosi helyszínen


We have mixed yoga, physio, japanese Do In and specific breathing exercises. For what though? To give you the perfectly structured bodyArt class. Static and dynamic moves, stretching and relaxing exercises – what else do you need? It all boils down to improved flexibility, stamina, strength, balance, determination, patience, consciousness – and many more. My fingers are getting tired in typing ☺  One thing is sure, if conscious living and moving in harmony is important for you, bodyArt will be your favourite.


Are you interested to find out what your body is able to do during a holistic functional training with breathing exercises? This class is athletic, intense and relaxing – without equipment. Throughout you will discover the 5 natural elements: earth, fire, water, metal and wood. The easiest way to describe what will happen in the studio: strenghtening-stretching, tension-relaxation.

Budapest jóga


You are going to pick up your key from the floor and you can not do it without squatting? This class is the perfect antidote for lack of range of motion. Even if this first sentence doesn’t apply to you but you do train regularly, this way of active recovery will increase your performance and will help you to prevent injuries. Don’t pull your hammies for a dropped key.


Build muscles to resist the daily struggle – without being bulky. Pilates improves your strength and balance during its precise and focused flow of exercises. Who wouldn’t wanna live in a leaner, healthier and more flexible body? You can visit the class as part of your rehabilitation, if you have back problems, even if you’re expecting a baby. You can find challenges in the class as an advanced gym goer too – don’t be afraid, you will have muscle pain.

Pilates Budapesten
HIIT high Intensity interval training

Healthy Back

„Walk upright!” – as our grandmas were saying when we were kids. But who tells us now? No one.. though how good it would be. We have some good news for you! We have our very own healthy back class for you to improve your spinal mobility and to strengthen the muscles responsible for healthy posture. Start to come to this class so you can walk uprigth – even subconsciously. Say bye to your back problems!

Aqua Fitness

Your joints are done but you would still love to train? Training in water will protect your joints by taking the pressure of them. Yet aquafitness is able to tone your body – with „weights” and various conditioning exercises. It has a positive effect on your circulation and on your lymphatic circulation and last but not least can help mobilise your joints. If you are still able to climb in and out of the pool, put the excuses aside and start moving!

Aquafitness Budapesten
Gyermek úszásoktatás

Kids Swimming

Your kids are staying up too long at night? Bring them to kids swimming, let the water drain them and charge them at the same time. Swimming is great to balance out the hours spent with sitting at the school and to prevent any future problems with their musculoskeletal system. Our kids swimming classes are held with low numbers, so we can take good care of them, keeping their individual needs in mind.