Why should you work out with a personal trainer?

The soul of Go/Active are our trainers, therefore we work with the best and most knowledgeable ones. Everyone has something outstanding and unique when it comes to their skillset, so we guarantee, that you will find your perfect match to reach your fitness/wellness goals. Let your goal be weightloss, strengthening, improved overall condition, increased flexibility/mobility and/or rehabilitation – someone will be here for you. A personal trainer ensures that you achieve your individual goals at your own pace, in a safe and effective way. It improves your exercise performance under controlled conditions, giving you constant feedback on where you are on the road, kicking you out of your breath, motivating, or just scraping when you would give your diet up on the second hour.



Fitness instructor – 4% Academy


We can achieve together

You will learn how to train on your own

Self-confidence, better well-being


Strength and endurance developmet

Posture correction

Development of core muscles

Increasing flexibility

Weightloss, diet consultation

Being fit is not a destination, it’s a way of life.



Fitness instructor – FEA

Certified fitness practitioner


We can achieve together

Functional training


Fat burning

Posture improvevemnt

Dietary consultation

Lifestyle transformation

Making you your own personal trainer

Transforming lives, one body at a time



Nyíregyházi University – BSc Sports Organizer

University of Physical Education – Corvinus University – MSc Sports Management

Fitness Company – Bodybuilding and Fitness Trainer

International Wellness Institute IWI – Sports Nutrition Adviser

Oriolus-Med – SoftX SMR Foam Rolling Course

R-med Akadémia – TRX STC (TRX Suspension Training Course) TRX Trainer

R-med Akadémia – TRX Advanced Course

Certified Functional Strength Coach by Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Level 1

Certified Functional Strength Coach by Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Level 2 Sports Performance


We can achieve together

Sport-specific training

Improving mobility

Learning functional training and exercises with transfer effect

Building your body into an efficient, well working unit

The human’s body can do anything, you just have to convince your mind now.



Fitness Instructor – IWI

Functional trainer – IWI

Personal trainer – IWI

Almássy Mozgásakadémia – Pre- and rehabilitation trainer


We can achieve together

Posture correction

Strengthening the CORE muscles

Functional training

Fat burning

The best training program is the one that’s the most likeable for the given person and therefore the most adherent.


Group class: Cardio Box


Economic High School of Pesterzsébet – Sport Inctructor (Kempo- Karate)

University of Physical Education – Recreation and Health Education

International Wellness Institute IWI – Body Builder, Fitness Trainer

Shorinji Toraken Ryu Kempo – Level 2 black belt master


We can achieve together

Improving strength and stamina

Rehabilitation after injury

Increase joint mobility and balance

Acrobatic and martial arts specific training

Self defense techniques

It’s also just a job. The wind blow, birds sing, bees pollinate flowers, and I am here to show people the right way of the healthy life.


Group class: Indoor cycling / Yoga


Spinning Instructor

YMCA London – Advanced Personal Trainer

YMCA London – Suspension Trainer

Dharamshala, India – Multistyle Yoga Teacher

Almásy Academy of Motion – Pre – and Rehabilitation Trainer

Animal Flow Level 1


We can achieve together

Better body-mind relationship
More efficient stress management
Better quality of life
To learn how to use your body to its best potential
Improve strength and stamina
Any other fitness goal you might have

If you always do, what you’ve already done, you’ll only reach what you’ve already did.



University of Physical Education – BSC Sport Trainer, Aerobic Trainer

University of Physical Education – MA PE Teacher, Exercise Specialist

International Wellness Institute IWI – Personal Trainer


We can achieve together

Fat burning



Posture correction

Developing core muscles

Improving strength and endurance

Believe in it, and reach it!



Catholic University of Valencia – double degree in Teacher Training and Science of Sports

Virgin Active Training – Course of Personal Training

CIM (Centro Formación) Valencia – Fitness Trainer and Personal Training


We can achieve together

Rehabilitation of back, mainly low back and knee injuries

Senior training

Improvement of body composition

Functional training

If you take care of your body, you free your soul.



The International Sports Sciences Association – Personal Trainer


We can achieve together

Agility improvement

Functional training

Weight lifting

Strength and Conditioning

Posture correction

Weight loss

Transform your mind and body.



The International Sports Sciences Association – Certified Personal Trainer

The International Sports Sciences Association – Nutritionist

The International Sports Sciences Association – Specialist in Bodybuilding


We can achieve together

Improving strength and endurance

Building muscle

Good posture

Fat loss

Mastering your bodyweight

The pain of discipline or the pain of regret… choose wisely!



The International Sports Sciences Association-Certified personal trainer and nutritionist


We can achive together



Muscle gain


Flexibility and mobility

Building a strong routine/stress management

Learning the proper use of the gym equipment

Learning proper technique of each exercise

Preparation for bodybuilding competition

Action speaks better than words.



Personal trainer – The Academy

Sport masseaur – Stockholm Massage Academy


We can achieve together

Functional training

Injury Prevention


Sport-specific Training

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come.


Group Classes: Dirty Birds, X-treme HIIT 45′


Fitness Instructor – Fitness Academy

Swimming Instructor – Fitness Academy

Complex Movement Development for Kids – Fitness Academy


We can achieve together

Swimming lessons & training

Street Workout / Calisthenics

Sport specific skills development

Circuit training based on martial arts

Lean muscle, relative & max. strength

Burning fat, shredding, shaping

Body consciousness, mobility & stability

Concentration, neuromuscular connection

Functional improvement of kinetic chains

Coordination & conditional abilities

Movement & skilfulness development for KIDS

Sport preliminary & sport selection for KIDS

If not YOU, then WHO? If not NOW, then WHEN? If you don’t know HOW, then I’ll show you NOW!



Macedonian Fitness and Bodybuilding

Federation – Certified Fitness Trainer


We can achieve together

Make your fitness goals, no matter small or big, a reality.

Better physique, weight loss, speed, endurance, strength, power, explosiveness, agility, coordination, balance etc.

Bring structure and direction to your workouts.

Create and cultivate an active, healthy lifestyle.

Learn new skills

Kettlebells, calisthenics

Improve sport performance

Half/marathon prep.

No philosophies, just show up….


Group Class: Body Shape, Healthy Back


International Wellness Institute – Aerobic trainer

Almássy Csilla Gerinckoncepció – Dynamic yoga and Spine training instructor

ART Trainer school – Personal trainer

Power Plate Level 1 – Personal trainer

International Wellness Institute – Dance Aerobic trainer

Aziza Art Mozgásműhely – Bellydance teacher


We can achieve together

Weight loss, body shaping

Endurance and strength improvement

Joint mobility development

Health care

Functional training

Impossible is not exists, only weak imagination. Everything is possible, just step on the way of changing today.


Group Class: Functional circuit


Széchenyi István University – Recreation organization and health development (Bsc) degree

Bene Spine Academy – Spinal hernia prevention and segmental instability training

Feövenyessy Academy – Complex locomotor condition assessment and posture analysis

Balance Academy – Kinesiotaping

Probody Academy – Sports rehabilitation trainer

In progress: University of Pécs – Complex rehabilitation (Msc) degree, specialization in sports rehabilitation


We can achieve together

Functional strength development

Body shaping, muscle building

Returning to sport

Sports rehabilitation

Creating a preventive movement culture

Learning breathing techniques for better performance

Health promotion, preventive approach to life

Posture improvement

Strength development for athletes

The man who loves walking will go further than the man who loves the destination.