Terms and conditions

General terms and condictions

  1. Scope of the membership contract

The contract between Go Active Egészségklub Magyarország Kft. (registered seat: 1075 Budapest, Holló street 12-14; Company registration Number: 01-09-729572), (hereafter referred to as “Go Active”) and the member allows access to the club.


  1. Minimum age

Go Active Health Club is open to those aged over 16 years (signature/consent declaration of the legal guardian required for minors). Persons under the age of 16 can be in the Club only with parents together on an organized group programme.


  1. Student age limit

The student age limit is 26 years, meaning that any individual who has not yet reached this age is eligible to have student discount. This rule applies universally to all students, unless there is a specific agreement or exception in place with the university.


  1. Membership card

Members with Smart active membership may use the club at any time during the opening hours. Members with Active off-peak card may use the club until 16:00.


  1. Member subscriptions

Once the contract has been signed contractual subscriptions are due for the entire duration of the contract, irrespective of the use of facilities and services offered by Go Active. Members who do not use the facilities or services of the club during their membership do not have the right to a reduction or reimbursement of subscription. At the time of the registration, every member has to pay a one-time registration fee of 5000 HUF. In case of not renewing the membership for 365 days, the registration expires and in case of rejoining the Club, the member has to pay the registration fee again. In case of annual loyalty membership the first and the last instalment have to be paid at the time of contract signing. The following monthly instalments are due at latest every month turn.


  1. Increasing membership subscriptions

In case of annual loyalty membership with the exception of the first year of membership subscriptions may be increased by Go Active with notice of one month.


  1. Guidelines from club staff/observing the rules of the club

Each member must follow the guidelines of staff, observing rules concerning hygiene and carefully heeding the rules of the club posted inside and reiterated when signing the contract. Serious and/or repeated breaches give Go Active the right to refuse the member entry to its premises and to terminate membership without notice (extraordinary termination). Go Active reserves the right to change the club rules when it believes that the circumstances justify this.

Attending personal training sessions in the Club is only allowed with the Club’s personal trainers, and only those personal trainers can hold personal training sessions in the Club who have valid contract with the Club and the contact allows them. The members can get further information about the personal trainers at the Club’s reception. In case of acting against the rule the Club is entitled to order the immediate ban of the member and cancel the member’s membership.


  1. Opening times and classes

Go Active keeps its members constantly informed of the opening times and classes or services offered by the club. These times may be increased; reduced or modified in the event of specific circumstances arise (for example, where public holidays, repairs, renovation work or cleaning arise). Go Active will announce time changes or restrictions regarding access to the premises as early as possible and with appropriate notice. Members may not claim a reduction or reimbursement of their subscriptions on the grounds of changes in opening times or class times.


  1. Termination by Go Active

Go Active may terminate the contract without notice and with immediate effect for pressing reasons (extraordinary termination) without reimbursement of any subscriptions paid in advance. Pressing reasons are notably, but not exclusively: I. The member fails to pay the membership fee or in case of annual loyalty period the member is behind in the payment of subscriptions. In case member terminates the contract before the minimum loyalty period has been passed, than they lose the right for the discounted monthly price and the club has the right to use the 12th month’s membership fee as a deposit, member do not have the right to a reduction or reimbursement of subscription. II. The member has infringed the rules of the club. III. Other behavior that infringes the interest of Go Active and its members.


  1. Duration of the contract/ Termination by a member

Monthly memberships are valid for thirty days from purchase.

The annual loyalty contract is agreed for a definite period with an initial period of 12 months. Beyond the initial minimum period the membership contract is automatically renewed for a 12 month period, except in the case if the member notifies termination with a one month notice period. Any termination must be sent by registered post or in writing submitted personally and addressed to the club. Any amount owed resulting from products paid in advance is cancelled by the termination of the contract, and may not be carried forward or transferred to another, member nor reimbursed.


  1. Limitation/ exclusion of responsibility

Members are obliges to conform to the rules of the club and to the orders relating to the use of facilities, which they use at their own risk, and they are obliged to make sure that they use the jacuzzi, saunas and steam, only on the condition that they are in perfect health. In the absence of the aforementioned, Go Active and its ataff are not responsible for any damage resulting from an accident, an injury or an illness, except in the event of serious breach of the safety rules by a member of staff. Furthermore, , Go Active and its ataff are not responsible for any theft, loss or deterioration of personal items that is not directly related to the activity of the club.


  1. Modifications of the membership contract

The membership form, the club rules and these general terms and conditions represent the entirety of the agreement made between Go Active and the member. Any modification to the membership contract is only valid when it is the result of an agreement or endorsement made in writing and signed by the club manager. Any agreement, tacit or verbal, deviating from the contractual documents will deem the membership null and void.


  1. Membership sabbatical

In case of half year and annual membership there is the option of applying for a membership sabbatical for a maximum of one month, for urgent professional reasons or due to illness, with the sabbatical applying for a full month only. The sabbatical may only be secured for the future and not retrospectively, based on proof reasons. However, in case of presenting a medical certificate one month of membership may be suspended retroactively. Proof may only be produced via a written confirmation from the employer-with the periods of professional absence, or in the event of illness by producing a medical certificate. The membership is extended for the period of the sabbatical. The sabbatical must be applied for in writing at least five working days in advance of the planned sabbatical. Go Active reserved the right to refuse applications where the existing preconditions are not given or not proven for a sabbatical.


  1. Acceptance of the use of personal data

With regard to the administration of membership and within the framework of this contract, the member authorizes Go Active to collect, keep and process data included in this, in accordance with Act LXIII of 1992 on Personal Data Protection. Go Active is authorised, in particular, to use data included in the membership contract for the purposes of advertising. The member may, in writing, prohibit the use of these data for advertising purposes or may decline authorization of this deployment.

The member accepts that CCTV (Closed-circuit television) operates in the territory of Go Active Health Club in order to ensure the protection of personal and property of the members. It is prohibited to place CCTV where it could violate human dignity (for example: changing room, toilet).

Go Active will store the records for 30 days after it has got recorded in order to use them as evidence in case of causes of damages, misdemeanour or criminal acts happened in the Club, if there was a civil lawsuit, misdemeanour  proceeding, or criminal suit started in the court or authority. All data of recordings must be deleted irreversibly after 30 days.

The recordings could be reached only by Go Active as the operator of the CCTV system, and these data could be opened only for prevent or stop misdemeanour and the recording could be forwarded only to the court or authority which examines one of the proceeding.

The recordings can be forwarded only if the case is defined in the law and the verification of the case of proven by the authority. All data of recordings must be deleted irreversibly after it has been forwarded. If there is someone who has a legitimate/legal interest in the recordings, he/she can ask the operator of the CCTV system to keep the recorded data, after he/she proved his/her legitimate/legal interest of the recordings. Go Active must send the recorded data to the court or authority immediately upon request.

All recorded data must be deleted irreversibly if there was no request for keeping the recorded data.


  1. Applicable law

This contract is subject exclusively to Hungarian law.


  1. Place of jurisdiction

Any litigation relating to the membership contract comes under the competence of the jurisdiction of the Court assigned to the geographical region.