Platinum Card – 1 year

    500 000 Ft

    In a case of a prepayment for a year: 500.000 HUF (41.666 HUF/month)

    • unlimited access to the club
    • 52 sessions of personal training throughout the year
    • private locker for free
    • 1 functional health check for free*
    • 3 all-inclusive gift cards worth 18.000 HUF, which can be used once by new guests who have never been in the club before**

    The total value of discounts: 30.000 HUF

    *Valid only for new guests
    ** The gift cards can be used by new guests, only once, after they showed their ID card.


    Suspension of membership cards:

    In case of annual membership cards, for professional (workplace) reasons or illness it is possible to suspend membership for minimum one, maximum two months. The suspension can be applied only for full months.
    The application form for suspension must be requested in writing at least five working days before the planned suspension.