Brigitta Hulka

personal trainer

We can achieve together:

Fat burning
Posture correction
Developing core muscles
Improving streight and endurance


Testnevelési Egyetem (TF) – sport trainer, aerobic trainer
Testnevelési Egyetem (TF) – PE teacher, physiotherapist
International Wellness Institute IWI – personal trainer

My motto:

Believe it, achieve it!

Group Traning:


I have a very funky, dynamic personality filled with energy. My classes are characterized by the same energy, spiced up with different high-intensity exercises and preventive approach.

I find differentiated education significant so that all of my clients can do sports according to the most appropriate intensity of their own fitness. I always perform the easiest and the toughest alternatives of my trackable and effective exercises, to provide the opportunity of steady progress for everyone.

My goal is to make others feel the joy of motion!

Aqua fitness

For many years I’ve been teaching aqua fitness at the beach of Balatonfüred during Summertime.