60 minutes lower body focused pain and suffering for the dream booty. The Lord turned water into wine – the Bootylicious turns fat into peach.

Glutes - fenékformáló edzés
Deepwork edzés

Body Shape

The Body Shape class is developed for men and women, to help them fight those stubborn fat-cells, without the brain damaging choreographies. To reach the ultimate goal and to keep you motivated, we combine the excercises with use of dumbells, rubberbands, step benches, balls and other torture-equipments.


Build muscle to be able to resist the everyday challenges – all without building a huge excessive muscle mass. By performing the exercises precisely and with full focus Pilates builds a core strength and sense of balance. Who doesn’t want to live in a more lean, flexible, active and healthy body? Pilates can be part of a rehabilitation process, can be effectively used against back- and spinal pain, you can perform it with joint diseases and during pregnancy. Nonetheless, it challenges you at a higher level of fitness, you most definitely will not be able to avoid muscle soreness.


Our Booty+ABS class was developed for both men and women to help you say goodbye to stubborn fat pads. If you were dreaming of a round booty or a sixpack for a while, this is definitely the right place for you.

High Heel Dance class

Join us for a journey of femininity, sensuality, confidence, and dance! Perfect your moves and strut your stuff! In our dance sessions, we start with a warm-up, focus on mastering the basics of high heels, learn choreography, and conclude with stretching. Heels recommended but not required. Kneepads recommended.