Just because you keep Madonna’s advice on using the stairs instead of elevators, those extra kilos won’t come off. SHAPE is one of our most effective class when it comes to body-shaping and fat-burning. If you attend the class regularly, that toned body isn’t going to be a faraway dream. Simple, yet effective exercises, dumbbells, rubber bands and steps – just to summarise it in few words.

Deepwork edzés
Glutes - fenékformáló edzés


40 minutes lower body oriented pain and suffering for the dream booty. The Lord turned water into wine – the Glutes turns fat into peach.

Gentlemen, this the best show in the city!

Glute Plus

Imagine going to the Glutes class, but with extra abs training – it sounds horribly good, isn’t it? That’s what Glute Plus gives you, jumping to your future extra lean and toned.


Deepwork óra